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Super High School is a teenage superhero role-playing game especially designed for the younger members of the household and as an introduction to role-playing games.

Role-playing games are a way of learning values and useful skills. Super High School emphasizes this, offering a simple and entertaining way to narrate superhero scenes and at the same time transmitting values typical of the superhero genre, such as effort, empathy, responsibility and helping those in need. And this is a fundamental part of the game, in which both children and adults will discover that their actions have consequences and that beyond defeating the villain of the week, it is necessary to protect both innocent bystanders and the environment or public opinion will change their perception of them and they will go from heroes to villains.


We'll Return to Paris

In 2033 Europe is suffocating under several fascist governments that reached power after a long economic crisis that desolated most countries. Paris is a corrupt shadow of its former self. All the immigrants have been expelled and the political dissidents are jailed or in exile. The members of the resistance flood Montmartre to drink their woes away during the night and retreat back to their dens to plot during the day, but they lack the impetus and discipline to act.

 In an abandoned building in a Parisian suburb, a group is planning an attack on an important political figure of the regime. Jean Montenegro, a former film director, is their leader. Jean, forty years old, after spending three years in jail and being left behind by his wife, decided to create a group with like-minded friends: Claudia, an Hungarian actress that avoided the mass expulsion and is out of options, and Max, a young student of political sciences in the Sorbonne who decided to stay in Paris to fight instead of joining his family in exile. The rest of the group is made up by Charles, a brave and impulsive man, and Francis, an alcoholic driver who is sick of everything.


Milk Teeth

Cara is a nervous and very imaginative girl who lives in a dark apartment with a long and tenebrous corridor with her father and mother. They have locked themself in their room for several days, and the scant communication that sometimes happens through the door with their daughter is becoming less frequent. Cara, abandoned and having to fend for herself, will soon begin an abject immersion in the disturbing nightmares that occur in the lonely corners of her home, result of what may be a terrible repressed truth that tries to break through.

 With a dark and disturbing esthetic, the comic embarks us on a nightmare ride towards decadence, in which its protagonist deteriorates on each page, and sinks more and more into an insane and deranged lonelyness to which his young mind tries to find meaning, while his sanity is tested with what seem hallucinations and febrile dreams…

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Smacks & Guzzlers

In a world where the job of being an adventurer is tied up in red tape, two not-very-promising wanderers with delusions of grandeur set out to visit a tower rumored to be enchanted.

With one’s lack of cunning and the other’s lack of eloquence, they venture into the unknown, eager to find plenty of loot and make it out of poverty.

But it won’t take long for things to go awry; the tower isn’t as empty as it seems, and its long-dead landlord continues to watch over his sinister home, even from beyond the grave.

Will our adventurers make it out alive?

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Milk Teeth

1977 England…. 1986 The Sahara… 

A route.... A desert.... 

Answers to questions about our most personal, wildest and darkest secrets….  

A couple.... An aviator........

He knows EVERYTHING.... 

In his eyes reside our deepest and most abysmal moments.....

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