Tunnels & Trolls Cartoon Adventures

A group of adventurers comes to the village of Axpe north of Khazan, where they will find a damned population, missing people and a secret that no one has revealed.

Will our adventurers overcome the threat?

RPG - Comic

Little Fears: Cthulhu's Tales

Graphic novel of the role-playing game Little Fears

RPG - Comic

Abyss Eyes

Final chapter


Martin Kudelka

Martin Kudelka is an experimental graphic novel composed of stories of fantasy and terror with a common nexus, a woman called Alicia, and some secondary characters: a military man, a hermit who lives in the desert, an anonymous man and the deity Oannes.



When a threat reigns, regardless of circumstances, time or place, Necrobony arrives to fight it. Using her deadly sword and physical might, she challenges anyone who wants to sow evil or destroy reality.

Action, violence, blood and zombies.

Comic - RPG


RPG - Comic

If you're familiar with fantasy role-playing games, you'll find this one a little different. Neither its system of rules breaks conventions, nor its setting is rabidly original, but it tries to reflect the way of life on the frontier during the times when everything was not yet mapped, and the territory considered safe had just left your home. But that doesn't mean it's a game for brave adventurers always ready to return with treasure. You belong to a clan, you owe it to your immediate family, and you answer for your lineage. Your settlements are young, barely a handful of generations have passed since your arrival, and no one can be spared in the pursuit of selfish deeds but must work for the common good in that new place on the other side of the world.

The prosperity of your people has always required constant effort and sacrifice. Old songs are told that once the teeth of cold weather were so constant that survival depended upon ploughing the seas for trade or plunder when nothing had to be offered, but the climate became even more ferocious from generation to generation, forcing your ancestors to abandon forever the white desert in which they had shared their domains. The gods, pleased with the resistance of their children, gave them a chance when they discovered, after long raids, a temperate island farther and wider than any poet or madman could ever imagine. A place where all the clans could begin again if they could work together to abandon forever what they had or knew. You and your friends will be children born in that strange land that you seek to make your own, something that is requiring generations and surrounded by uncomfortable neighbors, sometimes enemies, but never by evil or nature. Good and Evil depend on the opinion of others, on what is interpreted from the code of the gods, on not being a prejudice to the community even if it favors yours or your interests.

Now icy seas do not isolate you from other peoples and it is the horse, rather than the boat, that marks the distances. The horses of the wandering inhabitants who are elusive, suspicious and even violent towards your people. Always on the move in their saddles and covering large areas of land, it is as difficult not to find them without trying as it is to predict their speedy arrival if they are after you. Others are sedentary and have cities, they have centuries of advantage in building solid walls and fortresses defended by warriors wearing hard metal clothes. Unwilling to be disturbed, they always hide behind something that protects them. You are at a clear disadvantage against both types of local inhabitants and adapting to the new circumstances will be a slow process that the defenders of the old values resist.

There is no record of any monstrous creature. The known territory is devoid of creatures of legend even though strange rumors are spreading about distant places. Instead, magic is still respected through occasional elaborate rites to appease the gods or require their favors, promises or threats made through tradition and fear. This is not a world of supernatural wonders or treasures in forgotten ruins, but there is a tense peace that could at any moment give way to war.

It will often take brave people to undertake tasks for the common good. Most will, in principle, be as prosaic as exploring a relatively nearby fertile valley or looking for someone to negotiate with, but all can be twisted by even the best of intentions, and it will take heroes. The real ones never know what they are or when they will have to prove it by carving their names into the collective memory.

Will you be able to live up to this if you are tested to become one of them?

The Sacamantecas

Jack the Ripper's Spanish predecesor. At the end of the 19th century a series a women appear dead in the vicinity of Vitoria. The terrified populations begins to talk about a misterious carácter who extracts and devours the entrails of her victims. And certain events that never should have occurred...

The legend is born…


Smacks & Guzzlers RPG


A Sword and Sorcery RPG of Heroes and Paperwork, based on S&G comics.