Tunnels & Trolls Cartoon Adventures

A group of adventurers comes to the village of Axpe north of Khazan, where they will find a damned population, missing people and a secret that no one has revealed.

Will our adventurers overcome the threat?

RPG - Comic

Little Fears: Cthulhu's Tales

Graphic novel of the role-playing game Little Fears

RPG - Comic

Abyss Eyes

Final chapter


Martin Kudelka

Martin Kudelka is an experimental graphic novel composed of stories of fantasy and terror with a common nexus, a woman called Alicia, and some secondary characters: a military man, a hermit who lives in the desert, an anonymous man and the deity Oannes.



When a threat reigns, regardless of circumstances, time or place, Necrobony arrives to fight it. Using her deadly sword and physical might, she challenges anyone who wants to sow evil or destroy reality.

Action, violence, blood and zombies.

Comic - RPG


RPG - Comic

The Sacamantecas

Jack the Ripper's Spanish predecesor. At the end of the 19th century a series a women appear dead in the vicinity of Vitoria. The terrified populations begins to talk about a misterious carácter who extracts and devours the entrails of her victims. And certain events that never should have occurred...

The legend is born…


Smacks & Guzzlers RPG


A Sword and Sorcery RPG of Heroes and Paperwork, based on S&G comics.